Can you get infections wearing Sanitary Pads for too long?

A woman looking shocked to know about the effects of wearing sanitary pads for too long

Can you get infections wearing Sanitary Pads for too long?

Among the taboos and myths regarding the menstruation cycle in women, people find it difficult to clarify their doubts on periods and sanitary pads for their health wellness. This article clarifies some of the obvious doubts about wearing sanitary pads for a long time.

The menstruation cycle is a natural phenomenon for every woman to maintain fertility in the body. However, in vastly populated countries like India, menstrual hygiene management is found to be very low. To promote healthy measures for better periods, many sanitary pad organizations strive hard by selling menstrual pads at an affordable cost. Still, there are doubts raised between women about wearing sanitary pads. So let us learn some things here. 

Can I get Infections wearing Pads for a long time?

Moisture lies as a core for developing germs and fungus. So, wearing a pad for a long period might aid yeast formation and infect your skin. The infection may spread promptly in the short term if not treated and if you do not replace your pads in routine. Then, the condition may worsen and cause rashes due to friction and moist pads.

Although moisture contamination is a significant factor, some additional effects are also provoked due to wearing sanitary pads for a long time. The constant interaction between the sanitary pad and your skin increases the chance of friction, heat, moisture, Synthetic leakages, contact dermatitis, bacterial vaginosis, and Urinary Tract infections. Let’s delve into details.

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Wearing sanitary pads for a long time can cause rashes due to friction between the pads and your skin. No one can control your movements, especially energetic persons like you, right? So, frictions happen, but it leads to rashes, especially in vulva regions when it exceeds.

Buying a correct product, especially made of pads made of cotton or cloth, can reduce friction and save your skin considerably. You may also try changing the sizes of sanitary napkins to reduce friction, but do not forget to consider the absorption abilities, which may differ in size.

Synthetic Leakages

Have you ever heard about synthetic pads? If not, you probably wouldn’t know that you are using one. Most branded sanitary pad companies worldwide produce synthetic pads and are vastly consumed by the customers. The synthetic pads contain super-absorbent cellulose and scents for fragrances that are toxic to your skin.

In fact, a research study unfolded that synthetic pads contain higher phthalate contents compared to common commercial plastic products.

Wearing synthetic sanitary pads for a long time can damage the outer layer of such pads, which leads to a leak of synthetic fluids inside the pads. Direct contact with the synthetic compounds can bring severe damage to your skin. 

How long am I supposed to wear sanitary pads?

According to the experts, there is no specific duration that can be defined to wear sanitary pads. It depends on the material of the sanitary pads and the user’s usage. However, Experts suggest changing your pad frequently once in 4-5 hours after using it. But based on the material and moisture in the pad, you can extend the time from  6-8 hours at maximum.

If you are using a pad built for extreme periods and you bleed low, the extension of pad changing time is admissible.

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Contact Dermatitis

If you have allergic skin that reacts to any abnormal materials in contact, then you have dermatitis. Don’t worry; it is just a technical term used by doctors to indicate skin allergy. The Vulva region has the softest skin and is prone to germs and infections. Contacting with sanitary napkins for too long will stimulate the delicate skin on the vulva and trigger allergies. Dermatitis can be severe in contact with chemicals or plastic compounds. So, using chemical or synthetic sanitary pads is a must-avoid thing for dermatitis people.

Preferably, switching from branded sanitary pads to organic, herbal, or cotton sanitary pads is much more likely to save you and your skin.

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Heat and Moisture

Since the sanitary napkins enclose the lower part of your body, it is evident that it insulates heat and moisture getting out. Sanitary pads absorb the moisture every time you bleed and get wet in time. Along with that, your body temperature gets trapped within the pads, leading to foul odor as well as sweat.

This makes our period days uncomfortable and unhygienic simultaneously. To solve this, one must always use sanitary napkins that are more breathable, i.e., lets more airflow into the pads to get rid of heat and odor. Frequently changing pads can also help regulate the airflow.

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Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused in the vaginal area due to the imbalance of beneficial bacteria and increases in harmful bacteria. It can be diagnosed by vaginal itches, abnormal odor, unusual discharge during periods, and other symptoms.

Changes in the color of period flow during menstruation are the most common symptom of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis needs medical consultation to get it treated. Wearing pads for a long time, douching, non-protective sex, etc., can be crucial factors for this infection.

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are a common type of infection in women that starts from the vagina, spreads into the uterus, and affects kidneys. Wearing pads for a long time, sexual activities, birth controls, menopause, etc., are major risk factors for UTIs. Urinary tract infections seem simple but can turn into chronic infections in no time. So, having good menstrual hygiene, taking home remedies, and consulting a doctor can get rid of UTIs early. 

The final line

Although some sanitary napkins are made super-absorbent and long-lasting, we strictly advise you to wear pads not more than 8hours, even though you are a low bleeder. This ensures your menstrual hygiene and comfort using the pads. Yes, some may feel anxious about changing the pads, and that’s why Velli Herbal designed the products that soothe your skin and encourage you to wear for premium comfort. 

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