Top 9 Wholesale Sanitary Pad Companies in Bangalore

Best Sanitary Pad companies in Bangalore

Top 9 Wholesale Sanitary Pad Companies in Bangalore

Sanitary Pads are a basic aiding product to help women during their menstruation days. So, the sales of sanitary napkins have hiked in populated countries like India. As a result, the vendors and customers were looking for some best sanitary pad wholesale companies in Bangalore. Here we filtered such companies for you.

The use of sanitary napkins has expanded proportionally as our country’s population has grown dramatically. Since the market for synthetic sanitary pads is increasing in India, demand for organic cotton sanitary pads is skyrocketing. The majority of enterprises that make organic cotton sanitary pads are either small-scale or offer low-quality items. To lower your search time, here we listed some prominent and best sanitary pad wholesale companies in Bangalore.

In March 2020, the Union Minister of India Mr. Prakash Javadekar stated that “It is mandatory to sell sanitary pads with biodegradable disposal bags”.

With that said, many sanitary pad companies are reportedly not delivering the product with the disposal bags. Subsequently, certain wholesale companies do sell low-quality sanitary pads at a comparatively lower cost than other sanitary pad companies. This affects the hygiene of women and can even lead to infections.

So, let’s get into the details of the best sanitary pad wholesale companies in Bangalore that supply world-class sanitary pads at an affordable cost.

1. Velli Herbal

Velli Herbal is one of the renowned sanitary pads companies in India that is accredited by the customers for delivering the best product in the market. The Velli Herbal is a child of the Velli Ventures enterprise that understands the importance of sanitary pads for women’s health. The company believes in giving a sustainable environment with health and comfort for women during menstruation.

Thus, Velli Herbal chose to avoid harmful synthetic made menstrual products and decided to go for pure organic cotton sanitary napkins. The organic sanitary pads by Velli Herbals are designed by specialists with comfort and hygiene in mind. This is why Velli Herbals ranks top in the best sanitary pad wholesale companies in Bangalore.

Salient features of Velli Herbal Sanitary Napkin

  • Velli Herbal Organic Sanitary pads come with biodegradable disposal bags with it.
  • The pads are 100% organic and made of pure cotton
  • The Velli Herbal Sanitary pads are feathery weight and are breathable
  • Specially made to provide utmost comfort, even during Heavy Periods
  • Ultra-thin with broadened wings
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Free from chlorine and perfumes
  • No allergies or rashes as they don’t have synthetics

Velli Herbals sets a fine example to the market to produce quality sanitary pads. The herbal and organic cotton sanitary napkins from Velli Herbal are eco-friendly and biodegradable which indicates zero harm to our mother nature.

Price details of Velli Herbal Sanitary Napkin

Velli Herbal organic pads are one of the top-quality sanitary napkins in the country that come in three different sizes, M-240mm, L-280mm, and XL- 320mm. The product is made of fine cotton and even the price range of these products varies from INR 190 to INR 320 only per pack of 14 pieces. 

Additional features to note

  • Velli Herbal is a big and the best wholesale sanitary pad seller among the companies in Bangalore.
  • Customers can buy quality sanitary pads on Velli Herbal Site
  • If you buy products above INR 499, Velli Herbal do free shipment for your order
  • Make use of promo codes to avail trending offers
  • Order Protection Guarantee
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Free shipment tracking

Contact Details

To buy Organic/ herbal Sanitary pads from Velli Herbal wholesale in Bangalore, contact at,

Mail to:

Call +91 8925315551

2. Femiss

Femiss is an initiative from the company named Hygiene Products Pvt Ltd, established in 2017. They follow the quote “For the women by the women” to make their vision to empower women through this initiative. The idea to produce feminine-friendly hygienic products is the basement for this venture. Their products are either within the economical range or targeted for the premium range. Currently, Femiss is in the process of expanding their enterprise globally too.

About Femiss Sanitary Pads

Femiss Sanitary pads are rich in quality-wise and so, the price is pretty high. You can order the products at Amazon for a limited buy. To order sanitary pads wholesale, you can contact the Femiss directly by mailing to wecare@hrhygiene.comand enquire for price.

At Amazon, the Femiss Sanitary Pads are available in 3 variations, Dry feel, Cotton Feel, and Soft Feel. The price range of Femiss Sanitary Pads varies from INR 370 to INR 390.

3. Stayhygiene

Stayhygiene is one of the wholesale sanitary pad companies in Bangalore that was established in 2018 by women entrepreneurs. They are conscious of designs, quality, and reliability while making their products that are also cost-efficient. The Sanitary pads of Stayhygiene are also known as Stazy pads which are commonly known in the market due to their cost and quality.

They do business online to reduce the cost, time, and efforts of their customers, giving customer satisfaction.

About Stayzy Sanitary Pads

Stayzy Sanitary pads are claimed to enhance the immune system, relieve stress, reduce menstrual pain, and have anti-bacterial inflammatory properties. The sanitary pad was made of 10 layers that have unique specialties each.

The high-quality Stayzy Jumbo maxi dry soft & comfortable sanitary pad is available only at Amazon for INR 219 with 50 pads per pack, currently out of stock (might available now).

The Specialty of Stayhygiene is that they can give enormous amounts of sanitary pads wholesale.

The Stayhygiene ranked 3rd in the best wholesale sanitary pad companies just for the wholesale option they provide. The bulk order of ultrathin sanitary pads starts at a minimum of 1000 pcs per order.

To know more about wholesale orders,

Call Stayhygiene at,

+91 9930207567

+91 9920204565

4. BestieCare

Bestiecare is a company that works across different platforms such as manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of Sanitary Pads to give good days and nights to people. Yes, Bestiecare not just produces sanitary pads for women but also produces delivery mates, diapers, maternity pads, sanitary napkin belts, napkin belts in various sizes, color shades, and materials.

About BestieCare Sanitary Pads

The two-level of absorbency layered BestieCare sanitary Pads has antibacterial property, are soft, has side protection, are skin-friendly, flexible, eco-friendly, and hygienic. The BestieCare Sanitary Pads 240mm cost INR 300/pack which has 7pads.

For Wholesale/Bulk orders of Sanitary pads in Bangalore by Bestiecare,

Reach them at,

No. 41, Chowdeshwari Nilaya, Nanjappa Garden, NagarBhavi 2nd Stage, Papareddy Palya, Bangalore – 5600072, Karnataka, India.

5. Reyo

Reyo realized that the majority of women in India don’t use sanitary pads or are even aware of it. So, to change this, Reyo traveled across countries to bring in quality raw products to produce high-quality menstrual products. Apart from sanitary pads, Reyo also delivers personal care, beauty care, and home care products for people’s wellness. After 6 years of hard work, Reyo was established in 2017 and is now a fast-growing wholesale sanitary pad company in Bangalore .

About Reyo Sanitary Pads

Reyo Sanitary Pads are available in all sizes with 10 layers of protection. The pads are extra-long, leakage-free, and soft enough to have a good menstrual cycle. The ultra-thin high absorbent Reyo sanitary pads cost INR 240 for all three different sizes, Large, Extra, and Extra-large. 

Large240/-18 Pads
Extra240/-15 Pads
Extra Large240/-12 Pads

6. ModiCare

Modicare is a platform for Modi Enterprises which is a foundation that collaborates with numerous companies around the world, delivering various products to its customers. The Sanitary Pad is one of the products that Modicare sells all around the globe. The partnered companies like Italian, Thai, Indofil Industries Limited, etc., show the authority of the company. The products of Modicare are always based on wellness, skincare, color, personal care, home care, and other accessories.

About Modicare Sanitary Pads

When it comes to Sanitary Pads, Modicare Freedom sanitary pads are quietly known among people. The pack comes in varying sizes, Regular, Large, X-Large, and costs vary from INR 220 to INR 270 per pack. Each pack of Modicare Freedom Sanitary Pads contains 15 pieces of sanitary pads. The pads are noticeable due to their 8 layers of protection and a specialized 5 in 1 technology.

We recommend Modicare Freedom Sanitary pads in the Best Wholesale Sanitary pad companies in Bangalore only if you are looking for the most trusted and branded product.

7. Bella Global

The company Bella Global is one of the well-known companies in the global market that focuses only on producing menstrual products for women. They want to deliver hygiene and healthy menstrual and menopause products for women at every stage of their lives. Yes, they produce products that help from a toddler, teenagers to women at menopause. Bella pads are available at different variations with varying cost prices. In addition, Bella Sanitary pads are not available to purchase on the Bella-Global website. However, their products are available on various platforms at ease.

Here, we listed the details of some Bella sanitary pads we recommend for you to choose easily.

Sanitary Pads of Bella Global

 We highly recommend the Bella Perfecta Sanitary pads that are available in 3 different forms, Orange, Green, and Maxi Green. The price range of such pads varies from INR 170 to INR 200. There are new bio pads from Bella if you are looking for Organic sanitary pads with biodegradable disposals. Unfortunately, the bio pads from Bella are currently unavailable.  

If you want to buy Bella sanitary pads for Wholesale, Bella Herbs sanitary pads are pretty affordable for a pack of 12. The cost of Bella Herbs sanitary pads starts from INR 75 and that is why Bella Global is listed in the best wholesale sanitary pad companies in Bangalore.

8. Nuawoman

The company that always targets to support the wellness of women through feminine products is Nuawoman. They are keen to provide clean, less complicated, and hygiene care for women’s menstruation. Nuawoman aims to create a community of impact and personalized experiences. Their products are innovatively created and made effectively for their customers to provide a good life journey.

Nua Sanitary pads detail

Nuawoman sanitary pads are finely layered with a top sheet, absorbent distributives, super-absorbent core, and back sheet. If you are a customer buying limited sanitary pads, you can avail the schedule option by Nuawoman to get your pads right on time every month. Each Nua sanitary pads pack contains 12 pieces that cost from INR 133 to INR 199.

9. IvyTextile

The Jinhua Ivy Home is a textile company that sells sanitary pads throughout the company at a very affordable cost. This is the only Chinese-based manufacturing company that comes under this list of best wholesale sanitary pad companies in Bangalore. Its mission is to deliver quality products and fine customer service to the customers. The Ivy textile is also interested in creating hygiene products for pets and babies.

About Ivy Textile Sanitary Pads

Although the price range of Ivy Textile sanitary pads is not available, they are certainly cheap for vendors who look for wholesale sanitary pads. Ivy textile pads are reusable(washable), multi-colored, eco-friendly, and are comfortable to use.

For orders, mail Ivy Textiles to 

To Conclude

Normal buy or wholesale buy, the companies listed in this article are the best of best in the market currently. Although some companies are not infamous, they give the best quality and customer satisfaction among the other wholesale sanitary pad companies in Bangalore. It’s time for us to acknowledge the fineness and quality of the product over the brands. So, choose and buy sanitary products wisely that genuinely care for your health.


Q1. What is the best wholesale sanitary pad companies in Bangalore?

The best wholesale sanitary pad companies or manufacturers in Bangalore, Karnataka are,

  1. Velli Herbal
  2. Femiss
  3. Stayhygiene
  4. Bestiecare
  5. Reyo
  6. Modicare
  7. Bella Global
  8. Nuawoman
  9. Ivy Textile

Q2. Do Velli Herbal Organic Sanitary pads contain disposal bags?

The Velli Herbal organic and herbal sanitary pads come with dedicated biodegradable disposal bags to dispose of your used sanitary pads effortlessly.

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