Top 8 Sanitary Pads Companies in Chennai for wholesale

Sanitary pad companies in Chennai Online

Top 8 Sanitary Pads Companies in Chennai for wholesale

Sanitary pads, as we all know, serve an important part in women’s menstruation, protecting them from dampness and irritation. So, here we have compiled a list of the best companies that provide quality Organic, biodegradable, and herbal sanitary napkins in Chennai. 

Menstruation is a monthly process in a woman’s body that prepares the uterus for pregnancy. If no pregnancy develops, the uterus or womb sheds its lining, resulting in menstrual bleeding. During menstruation, the bleeding comprises blood and uterine lining components. Women use sanitary pads to prevent blood from wetting their bodies and developing illnesses. Let’s have a look at some of the best organic and herbal sanitary pads in Chennai.


Menstruation, commonly known as a period, is a typical occurrence in women’s lives that begins between the ages of 11 and 14 and lasts until the age of 50 to 55 until menopause occurs. A woman spends over 7 years of her life menstruating on average. As a result, women must receive specialized health care and comfort during their menstrual cycle.

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What are the Best Organic Sanitary Pads companies in Chennai?

1. Velli Herbals Sanitary Pads

Velli Herbals is a subsidiary of Velli Ventures Enterprise in Chennai, which aims to provide women with the safest and most worry-free period days possible. Given that women spend about 40,320 hours of their lives menstruating, creating a sophisticated environment for them is essential. Velli Herbals believes in delivering a sustainable life, as well as preserving a healthy body through comfortable menstruation.

They also investigated the dangers of chemical additives in synthetic pads or tampons, which cause itching, UTIs, and other infectious disorders. As a result, they introduced organic herbal sanitary pads in Chennai, which are composed of pure organic cotton with no chemicals and provide maximum comfort to your lower body.

Major significances of Velli Herbals sanitary Pads

  • Velli Herbals Sanitary napkins are soft, breathable, light, flexible, and skin-friendly, with odor-controlling properties that help avoid bad odors and keep your experience clean.
  • No additives of fragrance or bleached with chlorine
  • A fine thinned ultra-slim layer
  • Broadened wings to provide utmost comfort
  • Long-lasting protection from itches and rashes
  • Available in Three Sizes: M-240mm, L-280mm, and XL- 320mm

Velli Herbals advises women from Chennai to buy 100% organic cotton sanitary pads since they are safe, very absorbent, breathable, and have a lower risk of allergies and irritation. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and reasonably priced.

Price Range

Velli Herbals sanitary napkins are expertly crafted and proven to be 100 percent herbally organic. Velli Herbals sanitary napkins range in price from INR 190 to INR 320 per pack of 14 pieces, depending on size.

wholesale Sanitary pads in Chennai

Salient Features of Velli Herbals Sanitary Napkins

  • Velli Herbals Receive Bulk orders of Herbal Sanitary Napkins in Chennai
  • Velli Herbals can also deliver Sanitary Napkins to the Wholesale Vendors
  • Gives Free Shipment policy for sanitary products over INR 499
  • Release Promo Code to get exclusive offers on sanitary pads
  • Guarantee order protection for your orders
  • Provides 24*7 customer support
  • Tracks and maintain the shipment process until the product is delivered.
  • Provides all online payment methods

How to order Velli Herbals Sanitary Pads online?

Velli Herbals wants to deliver products that are consciously made and easily available. So, they decided to sell the organic and herbal sanitary pads in Chennai online also. To book an order, 

  1. Visit Velli Herbals Website.
  2. Click the ‘shop now’ button
  3. Select the size you prefer and proceed to the payment process
  4. Click the mode of payment and pay to place the order successfully

Contact details of Velli Herbals

No.16, Rajiv Gandhi Road, OMR, Karapakkam,

Chennai – 600097

Tamil Nadu

Call to: +91 8925315551

2. The Womans Company

This company’s goal is to provide sanitary pads to ladies ranging in age from 12 to 45 and to provide them with a comfortable environment. The Womans Company also wants to create environmentally friendly, organic, and biodegradable sanitary goods in order to avoid chemical waste being dumped on land for millennia.

About the Womans Company Sanitary Pads

The Womans company herbal sanitary pads are available in two different variations.

  • Day and Night Pads
  • Teen Pads

The day and night pads are ultra-soft, chemical-free, and wrapped with biodegradable paper to make them completely eco-friendly. The day and Night Pads are uniquely designed with differentiating absorption during the day and night time. Each Pack contains 12 Pieces.

The teen organic sanitary pads from the Womans company are made to fit young teens and petite bodies. The organic and herbal sanitary pads from this company are available at the price range of INR260- INR300 in Chennai.

3. Bliss

It is a brand that wishes to deliver hygiene, comfort, and usability more through its sanitary pads than in other aspects. So, they generate napkins that are made of natural fibers and not synthetic ones. Bliss Sanitary pads concentrate on skin protection as the skin is the adorned and precious part of our body that keeps us protected.

About Bliss Sanitary Pads

Bliss sells herbal sanitary pads in three different categories, Transparent Pack, Fluffy Pack, and Fluffy-Jumbo Pack. The transparent pack comes with 12 pieces at an affordable cost of INR111. The Fluffy Pack contains 6 Sanitary pads at a price of INR 59-INR79 and the fluffy-Jumbo Pack has 30 or 32 pads at the rate of INR245-INR354. Since the product of Bliss is affordable, they are ranked as a best seller for organic sanitary pads in Chennai.

4. Sirona

The exclusive objective of Sirona is to bring products into the market and drive conversions on the business that focuses on feminine hygiene products. Sirona wants to invite innovations and solutions to begin with solving the feminine issues and maintaining the overall well-being. They also speak about breaking the stigma around menstrual hygiene around the world.

About Sirona Sanitary Pads

Sirona Biodegradable Pads are Black in color. The ultra-soft and thin organic sanitary pads are made with natural offerings to give a new twist to your period days. The pads contain no chlorine, paraben, or artificial colors. The price range of Sirona herbal sanitary pads varies from INR 175- INR 279.

5. Velli Herbal

The company looks to satisfy the customers with a most hygienic-sanitary pad that is 100% Rash-free. Velli Herbal claims that 96% of customers who use their organic and herbal sanitary pads are free from Rashes. Also, their products are certified and tested to be chemical-free by safe cosmetics Australia. So, you can confidently purchase Velli Herbal Sanitary pads if you are looking for 100% pure organic cotton sanitary pads in Chennai.

About the Velli Herbal Sanitary Pads

Velli Herbal Sanitary Pads are available in three different packages. Each package has different specifications and cost variations. A box of 20 Velli Herbal Sanitary pads costs Rs 269(Without disposal bags), the box of 30 pads costs Rs519(with disposal bags), and a box of 40 sanitary pads costs Rs519(without disposal bags).

6. Nuawoman

Nua company was born to give their customers uncomplicated, clean, and holistic care for women’s wellness. By achieving this, a wellness platform can be created within an impactful community and personalized experiences. Nua encourages women to buy their products as they create products with their customers and innovations in mind. Thus, creating a better wellness journey for every customer. 

About Nua sanitary Pads

Nua Pads are made for comfort with multilayers like Top Sheet, Absorbent Distributive Layer, Super Absorbent Core, and Back Sheet. The Nua website has an option to schedule your sanitary pads monthly or quarterly wise. A pack of Nua Sanitary pads contains 12 pads and costs from Rs133 to Rs199.

7. Vidhai Organic Store

Vidhai is a retail-based store that offers consumables, foods, and related products that are completely made by organic or herbal farming methods. The Company believes that organic products can be produced in a much more cost-efficient way than others claim to be. This initiative now had shifted towards selling organic and herbal sanitary pads in Chennai.

About Vidhai’s Sanitary Pads

The specialties of Vidhai’s Sanitary pads are, it is made 100% organic and designed with multiple layers of herbs that provide a healthy environment and rash-free period days. The Vidhai’s Herbal sanitary pad pack has 8 pads and is available at Rs219 in Chennai.

8. IvyTextile

Jinhua Ivy Home Textile Company is a Chinese-based company and its products are made in China. However, they run sales of Organic Sanitary Pads in Chennai and other parts of India. Its mission is to provide quality products and value-added services to its customers. They also move forward the company by producing products that are apt for babies and pets.

About Ivy Textile sanitary pads

Ivy Textile Pads are reusable organic sanitary pads that are available in multi-colors too. Ivy Textile Sanitary pads are the better choice for those vendors who are looking for a wholesale campaign. The pads are eco-friendly as well as easy to wash, store, and use. The products are claimed to be of high quality. However, the pricing details of Ivy textile herbal sanitary pads have to be enquired directly through the mail for order.


Although several companies are available for providing sanitary pads, we have listed some of the best sanitary pads providers who deliver top-notch quality products to you. Velli Herbals is one of the leading Sanitary Pads sellers in Chennai that has records of customer satisfaction and quality products.


1. What are the best Sanitary Pads company in Chennai?

The best sanitary pads companies that provide high-quality products in Chennai are

  1. Velli Herbals
  2. The Womans Company
  3. Bliss
  4. Sirona
  5. Azah
  6. Nua
  7. VidhaiOrganic
  8. Ivy Textile

2. What is the Price of Velli Herbals Sanitary Pads?

Velli Herbals sanitary napkins range in price from INR 190 to INR 320 per pack of 14 pieces, depending on size.

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