Skin Care

    • Pure Cotton Napkins -L 280mm


      Description:Our 280mm (L) Sanitary Pads give exquisite comfort while greatly relieving your periods. The SITRA accredited multi-layered design gives the best absorption properties to defend you, even during extreme periods. Our sanitary napkins’ also prevent infections and rashes, assuring clean menstruation since they are pure cotton-made.

      Weight: 200 gm/Box

      Pack of 14

    • Pure Cotton Napkins -M 240mm


      Description:Our 240mm (M) Sanitary pads are composed of pure organically cultivated cotton that envelops your skin with comfort. Since it is SITRA approved, Velli Herbal Sanitary Napkins match every skin type and protect you from rashes. Go green with our plastic-free and biodegradable sanitary pads to promote a sustainable environment and obtain a natural solution.


      Weight: 200 gm/Box

      Pack of 14

    • Pure Cotton Napkins -XL 320mm

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      Description:Our 320mm (XL) Sanitary Pads tranquillize your menstrual days by fully suiting your body and delivering you elite comforts. Our biodegradable Velli Herbal Sanitary napkins are SITRA certified that ensure a sanitary body and an eco-friendly environment with plastic-free components. Extend your comfort hours with our long-lasting sanitary napkins throughout your active days.

      Weight: 200 gm/Box

      Pack of 14

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