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Velli Herbal is one of India’s renowned sanitary pads firms that the clients prefer for ideal products. It is a subsidiary of the Velli Ventures organization that invests in authentic companies that strive for people’s wellbeing. 


Since women wear sanitary pads for 40,320 hours in their lifetime on average, Velli Herbal wants our consumers to “Feel Natural and Stay Natural” throughout those times. So, we deliver high-quality feminine products to your hands to ensure your health and safety. Together, we should strive to stimulate diverse components in creating a space adept for humanity. 

Mission and Vision on Velli Herbal

Menstruation is a natural process that every woman goes through, which can be edgy sometimes due to extreme bleeding and cramps. Velli Herbal wants to ease your discomfort naturally through their menstrual products. Our products are made with pure cotton to give premium comfort and healthy menstrual days. 


Velli Herbal envisions establishing a sustainable environment that embraces women with love and care imbibed in our core values and products. Being Healthy and Natural at the same time is a win-win situation, right? This is why Velli Herbal put themselves upfront to deliver safe and hygienic-sanitary pads made of compounds that incline more towards natural and eco-friendly. 

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Velli Herbal 2022 Project

Under the Velli Herbal 2022 project, we aim to adopt about 25+ villages in crisis and open them to the world of opportunities. Many organizations and donors join hands with us for this noble cause and consistently bring hope to the community. 

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