biodegradable sanitary pads

    • Pure Cotton Napkins -L 280mm


      Description:Our 280mm (L) Sanitary Pads give exquisite comfort while greatly relieving your periods. The SITRA accredited multi-layered design gives the best absorption properties to defend you, even during extreme periods. Our sanitary napkins’ also prevent infections and rashes, assuring clean menstruation since they are pure cotton-made.

      Weight: 200 gm/Box

      Pack of 14

    • Pure Cotton Napkins -XL 320mm

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      Description:Our 320mm (XL) Sanitary Pads tranquillize your menstrual days by fully suiting your body and delivering you elite comforts. Our biodegradable Velli Herbal Sanitary napkins are SITRA certified that ensure a sanitary body and an eco-friendly environment with plastic-free components. Extend your comfort hours with our long-lasting sanitary napkins throughout your active days.

      Weight: 200 gm/Box

      Pack of 14

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